Fum Laloh

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18.12.2015, "EINE WELT in Winterthur"
Alte Kaserne Kulturzentrum
Technikumstrasse 8
8400 Winterthur

18.07.2014, Fum Laloh
Culture Club, Ifangstrasse 2, 2nd Floor
Schwerzenbach ZH

FUM LALOH en concert Roots Reggae Festival ( FIREMULI )
à Kpalimé-TOGO ( West Africa )

08.12.2013, Check out the brand new song "MANDELA" from the new album.

08.12.2013, New Album "EXPLAIN IT", soon come
Release date march/april 2014

27.04.2013, Fum Laloh
Culture Club, 2nd Floor
Schwerzenbach ZH

18.04.2013, Fum Laloh
Nietturmbar, Schiffbaustrasse 4, 8005 Zürich

17.01.2013, FUM LALOH in Concert (Roots Reggae)
Nietturmbar, Schiffbaustrasse 4, 8005 Zürich
20.15 Uhr

08.12.2012, FUM LALOH (Togo) and EFRUMUDU (Elfenbeinküste)
2nd Floor Culture Club, Ifangstrasse 2, Schwerzenbach ZH
20.00 Uhr, Eintritt frei

26.09.2012, new album "TO EXPLAIN IT" coming out soon.

18.06.2012, new pictures from Altdorf

16.06.2012, FUM LALOH in concert, Urner Flüchtlingstag,
Mehrzweckgebäude Winkel, Altdorf URI, Switzerland
20.00 Uhr

16.04.2011, FUM LALOH in concert, Kulturfabrik Wetzikon, Switzerland
R3V Culture Festival (a night full of roots and culture)
live Reggae by YORO MASSA (Burkina Faso), RASZOR BRANKATA (Ghana) and FUM LALOH (Togo)

Fum Laloh has planned a new album for 2011.

50 Jahr- JUBILÄUM TERRE DES HOMMES, 18.09.2010
FUM LALOH in concert, Burgbachsaal, Zug, Switzerland

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